Organization has been a huge goal for me over the last year. Having a newly blended family of four, and cramming six people into a house that previously held three — there have been some huge adjustments made!

One of the things that has been my focus is utilizing EVERY inch. Not only are we striving for organization, but we also like a clutter-free home, which seems almost IMPOSSIBLE! In my quest to make room, here are some of the solutions I have come up with.  Just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with: 4 kids ages 9-12, 2 adults, 1,400+ square feet, 4 bedrooms, and our kitchen happens to be TINY as well as two small bathrooms.

A life saver in our circumstance, has been shelves and bins. We have been able to neatly organize our shelving to a point where almost every bin has a designated purpose — but I confess there is a bin or two that has turned into a “random” bin instead — still working on that.

Here are some examples of turning some “wasted space” into high functioning storage for daily used items.

Bathroom storage:

Over the toilet seems to be a storage space that is missed frequently.  Here we put in a few shelves from ikea, and used some baskets for bathroom storage items. We now also store our towels on these shelves, as our linen closet is currently under construction.

The picture on the left was taken before we moved in, obviously we tore down the wallpaper and painted as well. We now have storage for towels, washcloths, toilet paper, medical supplies, and other items you would store in a larger bathroom!


Another spot that I was able to maximize was a hallway that is a bit wider than a standard hallway. I used an ikea cube shelf with cubbies.  This one was a bit tricky as it didn’t quite fit, so I modified it to fit the space with my beloved circular saw (borrowed from my father.)  A space that was definitely never used before has now been maximized and a TON of additional store space has been added.  A few of the cubbies have been designated to the kids for their things.  We currently have a bin of cleaning cloths, a bin of cleaning supplies, upright paper holders that house construction paper, line paper, and other paper for the kid’s crafts and homework, and of course a few other things. I was very happy with the extra storage space this provided without any pain in losing used space in the house.

My favorite newly organized space is the mudroom. This space originally had nothing in it but an old disgusting refrigerator when we moved in.  After getting rid of it for free on craigslist, I added some shelves, updated an old dresser with some paint, threw in an heirloom cedar chest (from three generations ago — my great grandmothers) that doubles as storage.

I also threw some hooks on the wall for the kid’s coats (my husband has been sneaking his coat on the hooks as well, so I think it’s safe to say he likes the mudroom makeover.)

One of the challenges with added organization is the added costs of fixtures and cubbies/baskets.  Right now has some unbeatable deals on storage baskets and boxes up to 80% off, and as low as $3.00.  Simply head over to Hollar and search “nest” and choose the storage solutions that fit your space!!! Hurry, because the supplies are limited!














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